Sometimes simple weekends can be the best weekends and this was one of those weekends. Grandma offered to take Paddy for a sleepover Saturday night, so the Mister and I decided to spend a simple night in. We started off the afternoon watching Spectre. We are both huge Bond nerds, and we had not watched this newest incarnation yet. I have heard mixed reviews, but I will watch anything Bond with zero complaints.

Thirty…30…three, zero. To quote the too soon gone, Aaliyah “age ain’t nothin but a number”. But this number is so high! I have never been terribly concerned about my age. Most days it takes longer than I’d like to admit for me to remember how old I actually am at that point in time. The past year however, has seemed like a slow countdown to old age. Thirty marks the end of youth, no longer will anyone consider me young.

Hi friends! Welcome to Observant Elephant! My name is Kadi and I am turning 30! As I enter my fourth decade on this planet, I would be thrilled for you to come along with me on my journeys through mommy moments, craft endeavors, and much more. In this blog you will find a little bit of everything. From geeky wonders and crafting wizardry to family fun and tasty treats. Whatever I trip over as I make my way through this crazy little world.