It has been almost two months since our beautiful baby girl came into the world on one of the snowiest days of the year. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed. Her birth was similar to her brother’s in a lot of ways and also different in many. For starters I labored for about 15 hours both times. With Molly, however the bulk of that was spent in the comfort of my own home with the Mister, Paddy, and my mom to keep me company.

Well, we did it. We converted Sean’s Crib into a toddler bed. I didn’t want to, but the Mister convinced me that it was time to try. He has been wonderful in his crib, hasn’t ever tried to climb out of it, and I’ve never had to worry about him in there. Plus each night I got to lay him down and pretend that he is still my little baby (he will always be my little baby).

My favorite holidays, in order, are Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Thanksgiving. It may get third billing, but I really do love Thanksgiving! For most people it is a time when they gather with as much of their family as they can get under one roof. This used to be true for me as well. But on and off throughout the years, and now again (probably for good) it is when my family focuses on us.

I like to stay out of political discussions whenever possible. Unfortunately, the presidential election is one that is unavoidable. So here are my thoughts on this year’s election, for whatever they are worth. Having gone to bed before the actual results were in, I had hoped to wake to a miracle. I did not. Instead I was sent into a deep and pensive depression. Made worse by the fact that republicans gained control of the House and the Senate at the same time that we elected a dangerous clown to the presidency.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween… My ambitions for Halloween crafting are always far beyond what I can actually accomplish. This year was no exception… But, I did get a few things checked off the list. I managed to finish a Halloween print a few weekends back and I also had one very small piece to work on for my costume. While I did not actually get it finished completely prior to Trick-or-Treating, I love it so much, I intend to keep working on it after the season passes.

There are very few traditions that we, as a family, hold dear. We are not big on holidays or doing things the same way year-in and year-out for sentimentality. But, one thing that we try to do every year, is apple picking! This draws from my childhood and the fun I remember having. Each year I try to define what I love so much about spending time in an orchard with my family, but I always fall short.

If you have never made marshmallows before, be warned…plain gelatin STINKS. It is far worse than anything I would have expected and is enough to make you nervous about the sweet little clouds you thought you were creating. But push through, it will be worth it in the end. I have made marshmallows before, so the smell was not the biggest challenge this time around. Instead, I had to overcome misleading recipes.

It’s only August, and already I am craving fall! With this in mind, we finally, finally bought some Mums for the front steps. At the end of each summer these lovely flowers start showing up at the front of every store. And every year I walk by them wanting to get some for the house. This longing continues well into fall when the supplies start to dwindle and I give up on the dream for another year.

Our latest family adventure was off to visit Grandma Debbie and go to the Zoo! Paddy loves animals and being outside, so we thought this might be a fun treat for him. Of course, the day we picked turned out to be smack dab in the middle of a high heat warning across the country. The good news is that we live in the North, so high heat for us meant 90 and not 120.

Sometimes simple weekends can be the best weekends and this was one of those weekends. Grandma offered to take Paddy for a sleepover Saturday night, so the Mister and I decided to spend a simple night in. We started off the afternoon watching Spectre. We are both huge Bond nerds, and we had not watched this newest incarnation yet. I have heard mixed reviews, but I will watch anything Bond with zero complaints.