snowy window


We’re officially Buffers.

We have been living as nomads for most of our lives together. But, we’ve signed the papers now…WE’RE HOMEOWNERS!

In March, I wrote about the move into our 7th home. The one that was supposed to offer us a little space to stretch out and a few years to save for buying a house. Well, that dream quickly became a nightmare. It started out on the wrong foot, when we had to move into a three bedroom unit instead of the four we had planned on, and quickly went downhill from there. We did as much as we could to make a bad situation good, but it just wasn’t sustainable. So shortly after we moved in, we decided to expedite our timeline and see if we would be able to buy a home.

As it turns out, we were!

Seven months after moving into the worst place I have ever lived, we’ve moved again. This time, into a house…that we own. And it is beautiful!


Buying a house is weird and stressful and not something that anyone talks about a lot. But we made it through with the help of some great people. There were some speed bumps, some impatience, and a lot of me saying “I want my house” in tones ranging from a pitiful whine to an ire-filled growl. But here we are. I have my house and I love it!