I am a mom. I am not just a mom, but I am a mom. And that means that I am ultimately (by the laws of nature and New York State) responsible for the two precious humans I have created. This is somewhat hard to explain… so, I’m hoping it doesn’t need much explanation for those in the parenthood boat. Even when I know the kids are safe and happy with their Dad or at their Grandma’s, there is a part of me that worries, that knows if anything were to happen I would be the one to shoulder that responsibility.

Who is this boy looking back at me? When did my chubby cheeked cherub turn into a skinny kid? I know it has been happening for nearly four years now, but looking at this picture nearly broke my heart. The little boy looking back at me is just that a boy! Not a baby, not a toddler…just a boy. Even his face has changed. It’s different now. All of a sudden, I have been thrown into a world I am not ready for.

I usually start blog posts with a topic in mind and then find or take some pictures to fit. Yesterday, though, we just played outside in the sun and I took some pictures. So, my post today is simply because my kids are adorable and the sun was out long enough for me to get some good pictures of them… You’re welcome.

Spring! Sun! Warmer weather! We were graced with all of these things this weekend! We’ve been anxiously watching the weather forecast for weeks now waiting for the day when we could get outside for some fresh air and sun. On Sunday morning we woke up and had a nice breakfast all together like usual, The Mister made poached eggs!…Then everyone hurried to get dressed to get as much time outside as we could fit in!

Canada may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of interesting foods, but they do claim one little gem… Poutine. What is poutine? you ask. Gravy on french fries. Eh? Basically fries with cheese and gravy. This may not sound like much, but it is a big deal in my neck of the woods. Even if it is something that no one has heard of anywhere else in the world.

I have been baking with my little Sous Chef since he was old enough to sit still on the counter and he has really developed a love for it. Sometimes he creates elaborate baking masterpieces in his head, telling me he wants to make chocolate cupcakes with pink on the inside and chocolate on top. Other times he has fairly simple requests, “let’s make chocolate”. I’ll admit this specific simple request stumped me, but luckily, The Mister was there to suggest we make fudge.

Last summer, I got an idea in my head for giant! cookie! sandwiches!, but never followed through on it (See This post from last July). I should have left it at that. You’ll remember that I used This recipe for some funfetti sugar cookies… Here is how I turned it from cookie cake to 1 dozen giant cookies! Instead of the frosting that the original recipe suggests, I decided to go with a simple vanilla buttercream.

To say that I love the summer sun would be one of the biggest lies I could tell. I am pale and I burn easily. The sun and I are not friends. BUT We are not enemies either. Last Summer was one of the worst in recent history for me and mine. We were stuck in a terrible apartment, in a bad area. We put up curtains to keep the neighbors from looking in.

Me raving about a delicious dish that my husband created is nothing new. He is an excellent cook and anyone lucky enough to try his food usually agrees. But every once and a while, he creates something that is just out of-this-world amazing… A couple of years ago we mistakenly planned to have nachos for dinner on St. Paddy’s day. Silly us. So, in a last minute change of plans, he threw together “Irish Nachos” out of what we had on hand.

The last few winters have been very light on snow, especially for us. This year, however, we’ve gotten quite a bit of it. We’ve had a lot of it melt and some has been replaced with ice, but overall it has been a snowy winter. With two young kids and a new house, I envisioned us playing joyfully in the snow every weekend. And the start of this weekend was so promising.