paddy and mo

My darling Husband loves to grill! Over the years, we have been in some places where he was able to do so, but more where he was not. So after buying our house, he was itching to get something permanent set up for all of his grilling and smoking needs. What he ended up with was a great big charcoal smoker. He quickly and lovingly set some paving stone into the ground for his new prized possession to rest upon.


More important than the type and placement though, is what happens now. Every Sunday we smoke. We pick up a variety of meats and vegetables and spend the day tending the smoker and playing outside. And the results, they are magnificent.

paddy and mo

Not only do we end up with a week’s worth of food prepared in one day, but we get a full day of fresh air and sun as a family. The combination of these two things is just perfect. The calm that takes over the Mister at the end of a Sunday is one that I have rarely seen. His soul is at ease and you can read it on his face. It is at this point that the very best type of exhaustion takes hold. The Mister described it best when he remarked “I am sun-soaked and smoked to my bones”