My name is Kadi, and I am just a small town girl LIVING IN A LONELY WORLD, who fell in love with her best friend. The two of us have spent the last decade bouncing around from place to place. A couple years ago we found ourselves back where it all started, not far from where we met and spent our teenage years together. Since then, two have become four and we have started to let our roots take hold.

After spending four years in college for psychology, another three in grad school for social work, and a total of seven years working in the nonprofit sector, I am now working as a trainer in a software company. And I love it! Not to mention the geeky goodness that comes from being in the tech world surrounded by my people.

I grew up watching Star Trek TNG and working on craft projects. These remain two of my favorite activities in adulthood. As my children grow I get excited each time I get to share one of my hobbies with them, it’s even better when they enjoy it!

I am a coffee and beer snob. I love a home cooked dinner and freshly baked sweets. I collect tattoos and elephant statues.

For more fun facts, spend some time and take a look around. Enjoy! I would love to hear your thoughts.