Au pif - A french saying that translated directly means “by the nose” and relates to things that you do by feel.

I came across this phrase while looking for a recipe for an apple tart. Luckily I found the recipe I was looking for on the very same blog - Once Upon a Chef And now I feel like I need both of these things in my life more frequently.

apple tart

We embarked on our yearly trip to the apple orchard at the end of September. And since then Paddy has been asking to bake an apple pie. We decided to try a tart this year partly for the novelty and also so I didn’t have to fight with fitting and moving delicate pie crust. The recipe from Once Upon a Chef yielded a delicious tart, but was mildly overwhelming to follow. Here is a slightly simpler version that should still get you the same results.

Rustic Apple Tart


At some point this month our world switched from summer to fall, seemingly overnight. Our trees have lost their leaves and shorts and t-shirts have been replaced with hoodies and scarves. We’ve been trying to enjoy the cool weather in between rain storms and before it gets too cold. Soon enough daylight savings will be coming to an end and we will again be forced to retreat inside until the warm rays of the sun find us again next spring.

all the fall feels