My beautiful boy

Who is this boy looking back at me?

When did my chubby cheeked cherub turn into a skinny kid? I know it has been happening for nearly four years now, but looking at this picture nearly broke my heart. The little boy looking back at me is just that a boy! Not a baby, not a toddler…just a boy. Even his face has changed. It’s different now.

All of a sudden, I have been thrown into a world I am not ready for. He talks about sleepovers and best friends, and fighting bad guys. So quickly I can see my first born, the boy that made me a mom, slipping away from me. I’m not ready for this.

His brain runs “one million” miles a minute. He understands far more than I expect him to, and usually more than I even give him credit for. He has ideas and opinions. He loves to sing and tell stories. He is three and that comes with a whole world of challenges. I know I don’t handle them all perfectly, but he looks at me and says “I love you very much mommy” and I know that I am handling at least some of them adequately.

I’ll say it again though…I’m not ready for this, this…boy.