Cream Biscuits

Now you may or may not know that I am from “Nearly-Canada”, New York. And you also may or may not know that I married a midwestern boy…

When our love was very young, his family introduced me to a dish called “Biscuits and Gravy”. At the time, his mother warned me, don’t judge it before you’ve tasted it. She was right to do so…it’s not a pretty dish, no awards will be given for presentation, buy my oh my is it delicious.

The Mister’s mom may have been the one who made this for me the very first time, but one of the many things she taught her son was how to cook. He has been making this delicious dish for us for 14 years now!

As our love has grown, so have our culinary skills and tastes. The biscuit portion of the dish is a great example of this growth. While everyone loves “grands” (and we used them for a very long time), I just can’t bring myself to use pre-packaged anything these days. If I can make it myself, I do.

And that’s where these biscuits come in… This recipe is from Immaculate Bites and it is just perfect! I use kosher salt instead of garlic salt, but beyond that the recipe is unchanged. With only four ingredients, the recipe is simple, quick, and straightforward. There is no beginners’ luck involved, every time I make them they are consistently delicious.

I am thoroughly smitten with the way these biscuits turn out. Not only are they perfect for Biscuits and Gravy but wonderfully tasty eaten plain or with a little butter and jam.