To say that I love the summer sun would be one of the biggest lies I could tell. I am pale and I burn easily. The sun and I are not friends.


We are not enemies either.

Last Summer was one of the worst in recent history for me and mine. We were stuck in a terrible apartment, in a bad area. We put up curtains to keep the neighbors from looking in. The curtains stayed shut for the entire summer. Because of the area, we also stayed inside all summer. We only saw sunlight when we made the hour-long trek to Grandma’s house. Luckily, this situation only lasted for a few months and we were able to move into our own home.

By the time we moved, though, it was mid-November and the days were short. It was dark by the time we made it home everyday, so sunlight was still missing from our lives.

But winter is slowly coming to an end up here in the Frozen North. And thanks to Daylight Savings Time, the sun doesn’t set until after 7 PM. So our new house, with the wonderful windows, has become a sanctuary for my Vitamin D deprived soul. Sunlight streams through the house throughout the day, moving from window to window. At dinner time, the sun shines into the kitchen, leading to adorable pictures like these.

sunlight and smiles

While I am still not a fan of blazing summer sun, being without any sun at all for nearly a year has made me realize how much I took it for granted. The gentle rays that make their way into my home now are truly inspiring, warming not only my skin, but my ice cold heart as well.