Me raving about a delicious dish that my husband created is nothing new. He is an excellent cook and anyone lucky enough to try his food usually agrees. But every once and a while, he creates something that is just out of-this-world amazing…

A couple of years ago we mistakenly planned to have nachos for dinner on St. Paddy’s day. Silly us. So, in a last minute change of plans, he threw together “Irish Nachos” out of what we had on hand. What we ended up with was a rich, creamy, potato dish that we couldn’t stop talking about.

Even though these were probably the most delicious potatoes I have ever tasted, we never had them again. I’m going to blame life and the busyness that comes with being working parents. Add in moving twice in a single year and it’s really no wonder this meal went missing from our table for so long.

While planning for this St. Paddy’s day, it came to light that The Mister didn’t have any memory of how those earth-shattering potatoes had been made. So, I set to work to come up with enough of a recipe for him to recreate them. I wrote down what I remembered seeing him do before and the ingredients we used. When St. Paddy’s rolled around, he did the rest.

Having watched him create the dish a second time, and confirming that they are, in fact, the greatest potatoes ever tasted, I was able to refine the recipe even more. There are still some details that I wasn’t able to get, but the base is there. The recipe is enough that if you are comfortable in the kitchen and have used a stove more than twice, you should be able to recreate the potatoes for yourself. So Enjoy! You’re Welcome.

Irish Nachos


Despite staring at these beauties for a solid half hour waiting for someone to make the first move…none of the five people involved took a picture to document the event. Shame on us. What kind of millennials are we?!? So instead here are some pictures of me and the Mister enjoying our (second) favorite holiday!

St. Paddy's with my Mister