Last summer, I got an idea in my head for giant! cookie! sandwiches!, but never followed through on it (See This post from last July). I should have left it at that.

You’ll remember that I used This recipe for some funfetti sugar cookies…

Here is how I turned it from cookie cake to 1 dozen giant cookies!

Giant Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Instead of the frosting that the original recipe suggests, I decided to go with a simple vanilla buttercream. There are lots of complicated techniques for buttercream out there, but I like to keep mine as easy as possible. Four ingredients and lots of mixing is all it takes to make this perfect frosting.


After making the giant cookies and a batch of delicious vanilla buttercream, I piped a thick layer onto the cookies and sandwiched those bad boys together. I then covered the outside with extra sprinkles to keep the frosting from going everywhere…and also because sprinkles!

Beautiful Disaster

These cookies are beautiful, they are exactly what I had in my head last summer! But with most beautiful things, they should be looked at and not touched. I am the sugar queen. If its sweet, I like it. And these were too much even for me. I ate them…don’t get me wrong, and they were delicious. But I am certain that I am one step closer to requiring insulin maintenance for the rest of my life. Don’t take my word for it though, try them yourself! Just be warned =)