When I was in high school, my mom was a single mom and worked shift-work. That meant that we only saw each other in passing a lot of the time. Because of this, I was the kid that always had a note from mom tucked into my lunch or in my homework from the night before. And frankly I loved it! You hear stories about those kids getting picked on, but forget that. My mom loved me.

I can clearly remember one day, in study hall, in 9th grade, I was sitting with a friend, (wearing my Billabong shirt that I thought was the shit even though I had never touched a surfboard) when I found one of mom’s notes. “Your mom writes you notes?” he asked “That’s really cool! I don’t get notes.” So what did my mom do when I told her about it? She wrote one for him too. That’s the kind of mom I have.

Fast forward 17 years…My husband is out of town on a business trip and me and the kids are camped at Grandma’s for the weekend. She had to get up to go to work before any of us got out of bed this morning. Can you guess what I found waiting for me on the kitchen counter?

Just a note to say hello

A little note to say ‘hello’. Just like old times! My heart is full.