Every parent wants their children to be like them at least a little bit…if it’s carrying on the family business, going to their alma mater, or cheering for their favorite sportsball team. It’s really no different for us…


It’s a little different.

We just want our kids to be geeks. Loud and proud.

first viewing

A few months ago, we decided to start Paddy on Star Wars. We wanted to test the waters, see if he would show any interest in it. His Nan had gotten him a really cute book full of star wars stories so he was already familiar with the characters. We started, of course, with A New Hope. Some may question this choice of movie for a little boy who was at the time only two and a half, but he did great! He made it through almost half the movie before his attention completely wandered. Before losing him to other distractions we found out that he loved! loved! loved! Chewbacca.


After our initial success, we decided to introduce him to more and more of the franchise. We made it through all of the original trilogy (despecialized of course) and The Force Awakens. We even got him the first season of Rebels for a more kid-oriented experience.


And you know what? He loved it. All of it. He now looks forward to Sundays which have been deemed Star Wars days. He loves the good guys and the bad guys and is always asking me who is who. He is smart beyond his years and understands way more of the plot than I expected him to. It amazes me each time I ask him a question to see if he is paying attention and he is spot on with his answer.

he even sleeps star wars

One of the very best parts about watching these with him, is seeing how his brain works through the things that he says. For example:

“Mommy, I’m ready to be a Jedi”

“She doesn’t want to touch his glove”

“R2D2 where are you?!?”

“Mommy, it’s Luke Skywalker! He’s not old!!”


We’re such proud parents and so happy to be sharing something we love so much with our littlest loves!