I definitely have my favorites when it comes to baking…brownies and chocolate chip cookies come to mind. But, I am also willing to experiment now and then. A while ago, a funfetti cookie cake recipe crossed my path and I decided to give it a go.

I passed on the frosting portion of this particular recipe, but the cookie cake was delightful! A few weeks back I was looking for something different to bake, and I thought of this recipe, but as actual cookies (big cookies) instead of the cookie cake. My original idea (one which I will try to follow-through on in the future) was to use the frosting and make these into sandwich cookies, elaborate, diabetes-inducing, sandwich cookies. While I did not do that, the cookies were as delicious as the cookie cake was, definitely ones that will be made again and again.


Generally speaking, I think it is more common to take a cookie recipe and turn it into a cookie cake. I did this with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. But I definitely liked these cookies way better than the cake. Plus when you make them as big as I did, there are only 2 rounds of baking needed, so you don’t spend all night portioning out cookies.

These were a big hit with the Mister and with Paddy, so they will probably make their way onto the cookie rotation more frequently. Paddy also enjoyed helping me make them. Specifically, anything that had to do with the sprinkles.

Paddy Paddy