This is Halloween, this is Halloween…

My ambitions for Halloween crafting are always far beyond what I can actually accomplish. This year was no exception… But, I did get a few things checked off the list. I managed to finish a Halloween print a few weekends back and I also had one very small piece to work on for my costume. While I did not actually get it finished completely prior to Trick-or-Treating, I love it so much, I intend to keep working on it after the season passes. I will try to get some finished shots at that time.

Owl Pumpkin

We of course, carved pumpkins and decorated the house. I still have not made the glittered, C-9 spiders that I have been dying to make for going on three years now. Crafting has really taken a back seat in the past year or so. I am trying to be better about making time for it, but currently it is a chore to just find the supplies that I need in the chaos that is our garage. Maybe one day we will have those lovely little spiders joining in the festivities.

Even without those sparkly spiders, Halloween, this year, was so much fun! Paddy seemed genuinely interested in all of the activities we did with him. Over Halloween weekend, we brought him to Grandma’s for our final costume fitting and to carve pumpkins. He helped Grandma pick out her pattern and LOVED digging into the pumpkin to get out all of the seeds. Last year, he was uninterested to say the least, so, I was pretty excited to see him having so much fun this time around.

Carving Fun Carving Fun

On the Sunday before Halloween, we “practiced” trick-or-treating. I had him knock on the door to his room, and when I opened it he would say “trick-or-treat”. After a few attempts he wanted to keep doing it. Even after I walked away, he would open the door himself and yell “trick-or-treat!” As I know I have mentioned before, Halloween is my absolute favorite! Seeing him have so much fun with it just brightens my entire world.

First thing on Monday morning, he asked, “we go trick-or-treating?” I explained that he had to go to school, but that after that we would. Sure enough when we picked him up, the first words out of his mouth were “we go trick-or-treating?” Yeah, buddy, we’re on our way.

So, we headed to Grandma’s where we had some pizza and got dressed up. I love costumes, especially homemade ones! And while my time and skills are sometimes limited, my mother is an amazing seamstress and always willing to take on a new project. She did about 99% of the work behind our costumes this year. It was a team effort on design, but she did the hard stuff! And, of course, they turned out perfect!

I don’t like generic costumes, but I do like themed ones. After careful deliberation we decided on a Doctor Who themed group of costumes. Of course, this was not generic Doctor Who either…instead we chose costumes based on a specific episode in Season six, where you find out his companion has been pregnant (#iseewhatyoudidthere). For comparison: photo

Nailed It

This was the first year we actually went “trick-or-treating” with Paddy, so I was not sure how he would handle it. As usual, he was a rockstar. He knocked on doors, said “trick-or-treating”, and “thank-you!” After the first couple of stops, he started saying “nother house?” whenever we would head back down the driveway. We stopped at one house, with a light on, but no one home, after waiting for a moment he asked “where’s candy?” I laughed. A lot. You really did get the hang of it didn’t you little guy?


We got some great pictures, and the Mister took a video that he plans to edit and get up on the youtubes. I can easily say that this has been one of the best Halloweens in a while. Paddy’s overwhelming excitement for each new activity brought a smile to my face over and over again throughout the season. He is pure joy and I am so thankful to have him in our lives.


Some other memorable moments from the season:

*“Oh my man. Oh God. Oh damnit God” - in response to the pumpkins that have been on our front steps for weeks.

*As part of his costume, Paddy of course, needed a sonic screwdriver. He, however, had no idea what that meant. What he did know, was that daddy had a screwdriver and it makes a cool noise, which he often mimics.

*I am still not sure of the motivation for this face, but he felt the need to “rawr” while helping scoop out pumpkin seeds…who knows what goes on in the mind of a silly toddler


Here’s hoping you had a haunting time with all of your ghosts and goblins!