Apple Picking

There are very few traditions that we, as a family, hold dear. We are not big on holidays or doing things the same way year-in and year-out for sentimentality. But, one thing that we try to do every year, is apple picking! This draws from my childhood and the fun I remember having. Each year I try to define what I love so much about spending time in an orchard with my family, but I always fall short. So this year I will skip the musing and tell you about our day.

This was the third time we have been able to take Paddy to the orchard with us. The first being when he was only a month old! This time it was fairly obvious that he had a blast! He filled grandma’s bags and then started picking to fill ours too. He picked the apples that caught his eye, regardless of color or quality, and he was thrilled about each new treasure!

Tractor Plaque

This is the second year we have gone to a local orchard (right down the road from us). Growing up, I remember taking the nearly three hour trip to a great big orchard in Central New York. I loved the trip and the vastness of this orchard. When my little ones are a bit older, I hope to make the trip with them too. But for now, little local orchards are a wonderful alternative. It is far easier to fit a couple hours into a toddler’s schedule than it is to fit an entire day. Paddy is an exemplary little traveler, but there is no need to add extra stress, when he is perfectly content picking apples at any orchard we take him to.

The weather was stunning. It was mid 60s and sunny. Exactly the type of weather that invites you to spend time wandering around in the fresh air. Sunny enough to keep us warm without jackets, and cool enough to chase a toddler with seemingly endless energy.

Paddy further confirmed that he loves his Grandma wayyy more than me. I asked him if he wanted to make fresh applesauce with me. He simply stated “no”. He then elaborated with “Make applesauce grandma” Ok kid! Why don’t you just move in with her! Sheesh!

His Favorite

I brought the nice camera hoping that we could get some pictures as a family and of my ever-growing baby bump. But then we also brought coffee, and water for little man, and bought 2 bags for apples…so there were not many hands left to take great pictures. That said, we did get a few, and more importantly some fresh air and family fun!