Miss Mo, the Snow Princess, is now four whole months old. How? Why? I miss her tiny newborn body, her little cries, and her sleepy eyes. Nature is cruel and kind that way. I was so sleep deprived for the first little bit that it seemed to disappear in an instant taking with it the bad memories that make a mother question everything in existence (at least this mother).

My beautiful girl

But she is four months old now! She is by far the most cheerful person in our family. The rest of us, Paddy included, could be best described as stoic. Perfectly happy, even if it may not look that way from the outside. Mo though, she is full of smiles. She smiles from the first time you pick her up in the morning until you lay her down for bed at night. She even smiles in her sleep! And the giggles! Oh my they are infectious. I do desperately miss the fleeting newborn days, but I also love watching her learn every little skill as she grows.

I recently found the post I made when Paddy was four months old and it was so much fun to compare their development. Mo is pretty much on pace with where he was. Her voice came sooner, and started with a little cooing, working her way up to having full “conversations”. Her rolling came much sooner, she showed us that she could do that at nearly 3 months. She doesn’t show as much interest in standing as he did, but boy are those hands grabby. It’s so hard to believe that my soon-to-be three year old was once at little as this.

old blog memories

Speaking of that nearly-three year old. He is still absolutely infatuated with his little sister. She is “his Molly” and he never lets her out of his sight. He kisses her and tries to soothe her when she cries. He is starting to show signs of jealousy here and there, but he still doesn’t seem to see her as the cause and so, shows her nothing but love and kindness.

These two fill my world. I know that seems cheesy and cliche, but its true. I sometimes think about what life would be like if we didn’t have kids, but no matter what it would have been, it couldn’t compare.

My world