Cupcakes! Who doesn’t love a cupcake?!? My husband, thats who! Okay, that’s not entirely true but, he does not have the same affinity for baked good that I do.

When our first long weekend of the summer rolled around back in May you can bet that baking was on my list of things to do and I wanted to make cupcakes! I asked Paddy what kind of cupcakes he wanted…”Chocolate!” he replied. Now, the Mister really isn’t a big fan of chocolate cake, so you can imagine my surprise when he piped up, “With raspberry buttercream?” Well sure, darling. Certainly I can make a lovely raspberry buttercream!

And I did.

But, it almost didn’t happen, the weather got warm, my apartment got hot, and I got lazy. The Mister scolded me for promising baked goods and not following through. He was right. He always is ;) I decided to go ahead and get them made and I am sure glad I did, they were delicious. Definitely an excellent choice for my first go at cupcakes in over a year!

beautiful cupcakes

I found the recipe for these over-the-top quadruple chocolate cupcakes a few years back to make for a chocolate fiend friend. Although they were over-the-top, the actual cake part was quite good, so I dug the recipe out and used that for the cake.


As for the frosting, I have made buttercream time and time again, but I have not made raspberry buttercream. Luckily, it was as easy as I thought it should be and I simply added some raspberry puree to a simple vanilla buttercream recipe. Yum!

Paddy and his cupcake

Poor cupcake