We’re moving again!


This will be the eighth home the Mister and I have shared. At this point, moving is just a way of life for us. We are slowing down, though. This is the second minor move we have made where we are just making small adjustments to quality of life without uprooting or relocating. We have a family and good jobs now, so we don’t plan on leaving the area any time soon. If all goes well, this may be our penultimate move, with the next being into a house that we buy.

This move is into more space. Right now we have two small children in a roughly 700 sq ft, two-bedroom apartment. While there are worse situations to be in (my mother had 7 siblings and the 8 of them with their two parents, lived in a two bedroom trailer), the space is cramped and we have the means for more. We will be moving into a four bedroom, two story townhome. This will allow each of the kids to have their own room and us to have an office. There is also a large laundry room and two and a half bathrooms. All told it is more than twice the square footage of our current apartment. This extra space will also allow family to stay with us when they come to visit and save the hassle of finding a hotel up here in the wilderness.

While I have come to dread moving, I always look forward to the opportunity to decorate a new place and really make it feel like home. Our current place had been wonderfully cozy, but cozy is becoming cramped with our newly added human and all of her things. It will be nice to be able to spread out a little bit more.

We have been talking to our little guy about the move. I know he doesn’t really understand what it means at this point, but we try to be transparent with him as often as possible. We have told him that all of us, the cats, and all of our stuff will be going to the new place. It is a little over a month until we make the move, so to help him understand the wait, we drew a countdown calendar. Each night before bed we mark a big X over the day. He still asks if we are going to the new house sometimes, but the calendar helps us explain that it is not quite time yet. Plus, he gets excited about each X and each day. Hopefully, when it does come time to actually move, he will be a little bit better prepared and not suffer too much from the change.


I would also like to point out that the color choices in the calendar were all chosen by Paddy. He likes pink and I love it!