Well, we did it. We converted Sean’s Crib into a toddler bed. I didn’t want to, but the Mister convinced me that it was time to try. He has been wonderful in his crib, hasn’t ever tried to climb out of it, and I’ve never had to worry about him in there. Plus each night I got to lay him down and pretend that he is still my little baby (he will always be my little baby).

The New Setup

Moving to a big boy bed means he chooses when he leaves, and what he does when the door is closed. All those toys…we’re never going to sleep again, I thought.

It has been a few weeks now, and so far Paddy has done better with it than I could have ever imagined! He was so excited when we switched it, he loves to climb into the bed by himself! Sometimes he goes into his room just to sit on it. I was worried that our evening routine would be chaos with his new-found freedom, but we changed very little. The only difference in bedtime now is that he walks to his bed after rocking instead of being carried there. He hasn’t tried to escape his room or play with his toys or throw all his clothes on the floor (all the things I assumed would happen on night one). He stays in his bed and sings or chatters himself to sleep just like he did in his crib. In the morning, if he wakes up before us, he just makes his way into our room for some extra snuggles.

Happy Paddy

It makes me a little sad anytime we reach milestones like these, but I am so proud of that little boy! He is a toddler and not without the occasional meltdown or attitude problem, but he is so kind, and caring, and funny. He is quick with a song and (usually) free with his hugs. And one great thing about switching to the big boy bed…it’s way easier to reach those little cheekies for a kiss goodnight.