I like to stay out of political discussions whenever possible. Unfortunately, the presidential election is one that is unavoidable. So here are my thoughts on this year’s election, for whatever they are worth.

better choices

Having gone to bed before the actual results were in, I had hoped to wake to a miracle. I did not. Instead I was sent into a deep and pensive depression. Made worse by the fact that republicans gained control of the House and the Senate at the same time that we elected a dangerous clown to the presidency.

What have we become? What will we become? How many civil and human rights atrocities will occur in the upcoming four years? Fears like these are why I didn’t used to want children. They don’t deserve this. Now I have two to whom I have to try to teach compassion and peace, in a world filled with hate.

The Mister spent the morning explaining the logic behind his win. I spent the morning crying softly to myself. What kind of people must we be surrounded by that could allow this to happen, let alone will it to? How many more will be hurt because of it?

At the beginning of the day, all I wanted to do was run and hide. Recede further from society, and not reappear until conditions were better. But I suppose that is not the answer. After ruminating over it for a few hours, I have come to the conclusion that, that is the very opposite of what I need to do at this time. Now more than ever I need to stand strong for my beliefs. The white privilege that I have is something that I can use for the benefit of those without it.

Me and mine are in a pretty good spot right now, and fairly far removed from politics and the direct impacts of them. But sitting by while others suffer is not something I can have on my soul. It’s not who I am. And now, more than ever is when I need to be raising intelligent, kind little humans to carry on the good fight, to continue to see the good in the world despite all the bad. So carry on we will. Whatever that may mean in the years to come.